Refractory Castable Top Bottom Blocks (for any capacity Furnace

We offer to our client Refractory Castable Top & Bottom Blocks range from 50kg to 10,000kg. Top and Bottom blocks are mainly use to hold the induction coil tightly in middle of the tilting furnace box with help of vertical tie rods and also give the mechanical strength to furnace assembly..

Refractory Castable Blocks are made from mixture of refractory material, S.S. reinforcement and certain percentage of water to make the cast formation in fabricated mould. Top & Bottom cast are bake in automatic industrial oven at certain temperature to evaporate water completely to make hard and tough.

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HFT, CLR, DI/DT And Magnetic Yoke

We are manufacturing DI/DT of 50kw to 7500kw range of inverter, it also pass through various in-process test, its inductance vary by different kilowatt inverter design.

CLR (Current Limiting Reactor)
We are offering CLR of 50KW to 7500Kw Kilowat inductotherm make power supply and also design as per customer requirements. it is manufactured from high conductive copper hollow tube and passes through various in-process test of AC/DC for inductance and insulation test.

HFT (High Frequency Isolation Transfer)
We have facility to manufacture High Frequency transformer (HFT) of various ratio and operating frequency ,we are offering range of HFT from 50kw to 550kw and also for IGBT base power supply unit and also any customize requirements.

Magnetic Yoke
We are manufacturing Magnetic Shunt/Yoke of 2000kg to 25,000kg of steel shell or steel frame type furnace of indutotherm make. Magnetic Shunt/Yoke are made from CRGO or CRNGO type of magnetic strips bunch are stamp with S.S. flat material and made water cool to operate at high frequency current to prevent overheating.

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